Merits Of Reservations..

Famous article by Kancha Ilaiah on Reservation..

Kancha Ilaiah (5 October 1952) is an Indian activist and writer. His books include Why I am not a Hindu, God As Political Philosopher: Budha’s challenge to Brahminism, A Hollow Shell, The State and Repressive Culture, Manatatwam (in Telugu), and Buffalo Nationalism: A Critique of Spiritual Fascism

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  1. we Salute you Mr.Khedkar that you stand against a storm where everything is against You Except Your True followers and your Truthness, Because we Know when one raises voice against injustice the whole system ( Capitalists,Politicians and so-called Media) goes Against you Being a muslim we are going through the same trauma, at last a wish allaha will make You Succes in Your Mission. thanks.

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