Maratha Kranti Morcha – are Marathas against Dalits?

The Maratha community in Maharashtra has been protesting for their rights and justice for a rape victim in Kopardi. As usual the print and electronic media largely ignored this unrest and tarnished it via rumor mongering. Upper caste media has tried to paint these protests as anti-Dalit. Marathas have been…

Maratha Kranti Morcha – why are Marathas taking to the streets?

While reporting about Maratha Kranti Morcha (Literally: Maratha Revolution March), English and local media have repetitively accused these Morchas of being politically motivated and Sharad Pawar being the instigator of these agitations. Nothing can be farther from truth. These rallies, albeit well-organized are not sponsored by one political party or…

Pradeep Solunke on Maratha Community

Prominent Speaker Pradeep Solunke speaks on Maratha community, importance of Maratha Seva Sangh, problems of farmers and social problems in India. ख्यातनाम वक्ते प्रदीप सोळुंके यांचे मराठा समाज, शेतकऱ्यांच्या समस्या, सामाजिक समस्या व मराठा सेवा संघाचे महत्व यावरील मत.

Professor K.R. Gawade on Maratha Reservation

Professor K.R. Gawade delivering a lecture on problems and solutions about Maratha reservation. A must watch to understand the truth and facts about Reservation. प्राध्यापक के.आर. गावडे यांचे मराठा आरक्षण – समस्या व उपाय यावरील व्याख्यान. आरक्षणाबाबतीत सत्य व तथ्य जाणून घेण्यासाठी अवश्य बघा.