Dalits rescued by Budhism slipping back to Hinduism!

I congratulate Dalit Voice for waking up the Bahujan Samaj in deep sleep. We are proud that a reputed organization from London, LISA, has taken note of the Editor’s strong movement and given you an International Award (DV June 16, 2005)

Myself and crores of ShivDharmis are very much thankful to you for taking our movement to world level. DV has already given us international recognition. Through DV, ShivDharma has reached corners of the world.

Not only the Marathas but a very big section of Bahujan Samaj, numbering about 12 lakhs, attended our ShivDharma function on Jan.12, 2005 at Sindhked Raja.

It was not only unique but definitely one of the biggest gatherings that denounced and renounced the Hindu religion. The Hindu Nazi RSS gang has taken serious note of the huge turnout and called four RSS Chief Ministers to Nagpur to discuss the issue. Though all print and electronic media boycotted our function, our ShivDharmis themselves acted as Doordarshan and Akashwani.

By not giving publicity to such a world-shaking event the Brahmins have proved their stranglehold over the media. It is proved beyond doubt that Brahmins the micro-minority 3% are nothing but the most cruel and organized terrorist gang in the world.

America and European countries are trying to prove Muslims as terrorists but we believe that the credit for being the No.1 terrorist must go to the Brahmins of India.

Unfortunately, a major section of Bahujan Samaj is fully under the Brahminical grip. This gulam (enslaved) section has also to be freed liberated from Brahmanism.

I have read the articles of Sister Rajashree Dange and K.S. Chalam (DV June 16, 2005). Rajashree is worried about lack of women participation in Dalit movement. We as non-Budhist and non-Dalits are very much worried and concerned about such things. We along with our other Bahujan movements consider the Ambedkar movement as a progressive movement and also as our guide. But when we come close to Ambedkarites, we feel that in religious and cultural matters the Ambedkar movement is still faced with same basic problems afflicting the non-Dalit society. The views expressed by Rajashree and Chalam not only prove our fears but shocking to non-Dalits who look up to the Ambedkarite movement for guidance. The Ambedkarites and Budhists must be worried over her revelations.

Failure to strictly follow Budhism and the 22-Oaths should straight-away lead to disqualification. Many Dalit leaders simply talk of the life of Babasaheb and glorify him. Many Ambedkarites have become mere devotees of Babasaheb but failed to follow his thoughts. There is no point in simply deifying Babasaheb without following his burning thoughts

A Nagpur University student did Ph.D. under Prof. Dr. Pradeep Aglawe on “Impact of Ambedkarite movement on society”. The conclusion was that the Ambedkarite movement is kept alive only by illiterates, poor and rural people. But the elite, educated and rich Dalits kept themselves away from Ambedkarite movements. Many of them follow Hindu traditions and superstitions. Hinduisation of Budhism has become total and complete. Dalit Voice itself had a long Debate on this subject.

The murder of a person can be excused but the murder of a movement, that too the revolutionary Ambedkarite thought, is not excusable. The RSS has defeated the Bahujan movement. That is why L.K. Advani’s statement hailing secularism and Jinnah is taken very seriously by the RSS. I am elaborating a point to impress how our society is progressing. Honstely but on wrong lines. Many Budhists have become Hindu-Budhist and this is a major hurdle. Hinduism in brain but Budhism in drain would lead to such problems raised by Rajshree and K.S. Chalam. Under the Hindu religion women are denied all rights. To respect and attract Dalit women into the movement, Babasaheb himself at Mahad had addressed Dalit women. He told Dalit women to give up all Hindu thoughts and all its associate things.

He asked the women themselves to lead anti-Hindu movement. No society can become the ruling class if women are kept in chains

About the mangal sutra, much has been written in DV. Having a mangal sutra means you are a gulam. Mangal Sutra is a vaidik symbol of gulami (slavery). Kumkum or bindi is yet another sign of women’s slavery to man. All these old vaidik inhuman traditions have acquired a state of prestige like ornaments. Wearing ornaments has become a fashion. They say it adds to the beauty of the woman.

Our objection is for compulsion and Brahminical traditions. Our suggestion is women should have the option for ornaments. It should not be related to marriage or symbol of married woman. Brahmins have injected the fear in minds of women and this fear is playing havoc. So much so they are afraid of the death of their husbands.

If a black mani-mangal sutra can save the husband, how then the man dies even when the woman is wearing a mangal sutra? To kill this fear, the husband must step forward and snatch away the Brahmin symbol (mangal sutra) of his wife.

We in the ShivDharma have started this. We prepared our own shivmalas which are common for both woman and man, married or unmarried or a divorcee. The shivmala is octagonal in shape –which is the shape of shivrajmudra and a finger of Jijamata is inscribed on one side. The size may vary as per choice. It may be tied with thread or chain and it can be made of any metal of your choice

I am proud to reveal that hundreds of women offered their mangal sutras in shivdan on Jan.12, 2005. My wife Rekha Khedekar, wears shivmala but no mangal sutra.

My appeal to Dalit women is that study the movement, take part in movement, educate your children and husband, take care of your own health, keep scientific approach in life, develop habit of reading good books, take part in cultural programmes, observe the principles of Budhism in life, try to become leader of your group, keep visiting new developed places and lastly believe in yourself and not what others say.

I thank you for publishing my Shiv Dharma speech in English. DV helped us to take our Shiv Dharma thought to world corners.




(Reproduced from DV August 16th – 31st, 2005)

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