Marathas declare war on Brahminism!

Freedom is a pre-condition for the development of man. If a man is provided with all the luxuries of life but denied the freedom of thought and action, his life becomes meaningless. In this context the example of Ireland is worth noting. In 1914, the Protestant leader, Edward Karson, was asked by his fellow countryman, Catholic leader Redmond:

Why don’t you give your assent to the unification of Ireland? We can give you whatever concessions you ask for.

Karson retorted:
To hell with your concessions. We simply don’t want your rule over Ireland.

Similarly some people tell us:
There is no need to leave Hinduism. One can live in Hinduism after undertaking reforms that are needed

But the question here is fundamental: Why should one live in a religion which is not of his or his forefather’s making? Why should one live in the religion which has for centuries been enslaving them, denying even humane living, and denying the most primary rights? Why should we follow the culture of our enemies? Our forefathers have done so under duress and ignorance but we are going to kick this religion out and live with self-respect.

We are going to use our brains hereafter. We are not going to be tools in our enemies hands. We are not going to bow before the aliens. In short, ShivDharma rejects the alien-led Hinduism and adopts the true religion of our forefathers. That ShivDharma is a movement of liberation of the Bahujan religiously, financially and intellectually, has to be understood coolly by the Bahujans

Freedom, equality, brotherhood and justice are the main principles of ShivDharma. In this, man is the centre and whatever comes in its way Brahminism  has to be eliminated completely. We want a society based on scientific thought, a society which is self-reliant and free in all the matters of life. ShivDharma will eliminate all the rituals, customs, superstitions, gods, fatalism and all those instruments of exploitation of the Bahujans by the priestly class. ShivDharma will not be dogmatic but open to new thoughts and changes that the future would warrant. ShivDharma is for democracy and against dictatorship. Its goal would be equal opportunities to all and equal justices to all. It believes in self-emancipation i.e. non-reliance on any supernatural or external power for the progress and well being of the man

The motive power behind the Shiv Dharma will be our oldest culture i.e. the Sindhu culture. That culture was matriarchal. Just as the woman of that age invented the practice of agriculture, Jijabai prepared her son Shivaji for the overthrowing of the Brahminical order and releasing the Bahujan from their tyranny. It was a result of the grooming by his mother that Shivaji could create a welfare raj for the masses, free from the Brahmin-domination. In her husband’s absence, she managed the Pune jahagir like a well-bred regent. She was an idol of sacrifice, martial courage, statesmanship, ambition, self-respect and ethical behaviour. That is why ShivDharma accepts her as a source of inspiration and not as an idol to be worshipped and forgotten. In ShivDharma, contrary to Hinduism, woman will not only be given her rightful place in all the departments of the life but also paid reverence, being the mother of the mankind

Under the ShivDharma, identity of the Bahujan will be as a ShivDharmee alone. No other distinction like caste or varna will be allowed or practiced. In ShivDharma, the votaries will be an example of brotherhood and cooperation. The ShivDharmee will have his own head on his shoulders and not that of the Brahmin as it happens today in Hinduism. He will be a builder of a new society and a prosperous as well as a strong nation

ShivDharma rejects all the rituals and the celebrations of Hinduism. In its place, ShivDharma will celebrate the birth days and mourn the deaths of those great men of the Bahujan who practised rational and scientific mode of living. In that category are included Shankasur, Hiranyakshapu, Narkasur, King Bali, Charvak, Gautam Budha, Mahavir, Samrat Ashok, Saint Kabir, Saint Ravidas, Saint Goroba and Saints Namdeo, Basweswar, Sena Maharaj, Narhari, Tukaram, Rashtra Mata Jijau, Shivray, Sambhaji, Jyoti Rao Phule, Savitribai Fule, Fatimabi, Shahu Maharaj, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Gadge Baba, Tukadoji, Anna Bhau Sathe, Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh and many others from other states. All these great men worked for the upliftment of the Bahujan. The main test of these celebrations/observances will be to avoid all such events that exploit the feelings of the gullible masses and insult our ancestors at our own hands

Without a system of thoughts i.e. philosophy, no society can make a progress, however, primitive that philosophy may be. But that philosophy has to be one for joining the society and has to be elastic so as to accommodate the changing needs. In India, we have Brahminism, gandhism, marxism and bahujanvad.

The first three systems are designed to strengthen the Brahminical order. However, the Bahujanvad has always been of scientific temper and an instrument of uniting the masses. Bahujanvad comprises the teachings of Charvak, Budha, Mahavir, Kabir, Tukaram, Jotiba Fule, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Periyar E.V. Ramaswami and a host of others. This stream of thoughts rejects Brahminism or exploitation and welcomes scientific social order. It rejects god, fatalism, ritualism, temples, superstitions, ved, smriti and puranas

There is a natural anxiety about Shiv Dharma in the minds of other religionists. They welcome the Bahujans kicking the buttocks of Brahminism but at the same time wonder why he is not joining their religion. In this matter what is important is to get out of the Brahmin’s slavery and the Bahujan is doing exactly the same by rediscovering his millennia-old Sindhu Dharma i.e. Shiv Dharma. Shiv Dharma will have cordial relations with other religions. It will have amicable relations even with those of our brethren who are still in the Hindu religion. Shiv Dharma will not do any harm to the other religions

The Maratha Bahujan who was acting as an armour of Hinduism will no longer do it henceforth. The people, our brothers, of the other religions have to recognize this fact

Democracy is based upon freedom, fraternity, equality and justice. It is a political system i.e. a system of power sharing. On the contrary, Brahminism is a social order of inequality of castes and varnas

Shiv Dharma proposes to change this social structure and make it compatible with the ethos of democracy. Like democracy, Shiv Dharma also swears by freedom, fraternity, equality and justice. ShivDharma aims at a templeless, a casteless and a priestless society of egalitarian members. It will strengthen Indian democracy. It fully abides by the Indian Constitution

In other words, though named as religion ShivDharma is a democratic social order. Until such time as the commonest of the common man transcends the idea of god, the word religion has to be used. Brahminism has played havoc with the mind of the Bahujan Samaj over the centuries.

Though ShivDharma is against ritualism, a few occasions of life like the birth and the death will have to be exempted from this strict canon. But all the things in this connection will be done by the Shiv Dharmee himself or by another Shiv Dharmee. No discrimination will be practiced by a Shiv Dharmee on the basis of caste, gender, province, language or religion. The Shiv Dharmee will be bound by oath to protect, practice and revere the constitution of the Indian republic

The Shiv Dharmee will declare on oath that he has renounced Hinduism, and that Hinduism is not the religion of his forefathers. He will have to declare that he would not practice magic-remedies, offer anything before any idol or undertake any homa or yagna

Having got rid of the Brahmins, the Bahujan Samaj will be the lord of their land and lives. Shiv Dharma will not be forced upon anybody. Yet excepting the Brahmins, everybody is welcome into the fold of the Shiv Dharma. The management and regulation of the Shiv Dharma will vest in the hands of the parliament of the Shiv Dharmees.




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